Five Ways to Keep Employees Happy Without a Raise

Whilst it’s always important to ensure employees are fairly compensated for their expertise and
work, there are additional things you can do to foster happiness amongst your team.
To engage the workforce and retain top talent, it’s no longer enough ‘just’ to pay well. Employees
today expect to feel a sense of belonging, have their work-life balance needs met, and feel
appreciated in their roles. Here are Five Ways to Keep Employees Happy that don’t involve a salary increment.

1. Foster a shared vision

People who feel like their work has meaning are more likely to perform well and want to stay in their
jobs. Support your staff to understand their job role’s specific impact on the bigger picture.
Communicating frequently with employees to create transparency on the end goals, and progress
towards them will help boost motivation.

2. Develop your talent

If employees don’t see the potential for growth, they are likely to start looking elsewhere for
opportunities. By clarifying career paths and developing your team, you help your employees feel
like they have an opportunity too good to lose. Make sure development conversations are addressed
periodically to ensure they are aligned to the individuals’ career aspirations for the best chance of

3. Show appreciation

Studies show that smaller, frequent positive feedback and rewards keep people more motivated
than a big, one-time occurrence in the long run. From public recognition of milestones achieved, to
vouchers for hitting targets, right through to a simple thank-you for demonstrating a company value,
there are many ways you can show your team they are appreciated.

4. Review your full benefits package

Wellbeing and work-life balance are two major things that the global workforce is aspiring toward in
today’s job market. An investment in a more comprehensive level of health insurance will not only
show your employees you care about their wellbeing, but it will also lead to a healthier workforce,
supporting a lower rate of absenteeism. Another thing to consider is giving your employees
increased paid time off, perhaps as a reflection of their tenure, or as a reward for strong
performance. Well-rested employees are happier and healthier employees.

5. Build an authentic, positive company culture

Positive company culture doesn’t have to mean foosball, dress-down Fridays, and pizza parties.
Often, it’s simply ensuring your company is living in alignment with its values. For example, if you
value innovation and creativity, creating a sense of psychological safety is key. How does leadership
respond to new ideas, or people making mistakes? People are wired to continuously be scanning
their environments for signs of safety. Saying one thing and acting in a different way is the fast track
to disengaging your employee population. So, be conscious of the culture you want to create as you
work towards your team’s happiness.

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