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Pioneers of Wellbeing Research in the Middle East

The VIWELL Institute conducts original research on employee experience aimed at enhancing organisational wellbeing that impacts both value and return on investments in terms of business outcomes.

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Evidence Based Local Research

The VIWELL Institute focuses on evidence-based local research to enhance workplace wellbeing in the Middle East, fostering practitioner-scientist connections and collaborative initiatives.

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A Benchmark for Middle East Organisations

The VIWELL Institute is actively working towards establishing a comprehensive scientific standard that can be relied upon by organisations of varying sizes across the Middle East.

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Science Backed, Empirical and Credible

Leveraging science and findings from our research, we employ empirical methods to enhance workplace wellbeing systematically, addressing both psychological and physiological aspects for healthier and more engaged environments.

The VIWELL Institute

Welcome to the VIWELL Institute – a pioneering research entity committed to advancing workplace wellbeing across the Middle East. Based in Dubai, we are at the forefront of conducting impactful research and providing evidence based insights.

Research Excellence

We conduct comprehensive studies on key topics, generating locally relevant, evidence-based data.

Knowledge Sharing

Our findings are disseminated through white papers and in reputable journals and magazines, contributing to the wider conversation on well-being.

Education and Training

Acting as a beacon of expertise, we offer engaging training courses, seminars, and workshops to empower professionals in the wellbeing sector.

Setting the Standard

We are designing a regional and then a global standard or benchmark for every organisation to assess their organisational wellbeing metrics and practices.


We provide certification for corporations committed to wellbeing at work and for individuals seeking recognition as wellbeing professionals.


Through collaborative efforts, we offer consultancy services to relevant stakeholders, fostering a collective commitment to wellbeing.

Solutions Rooted in Science

We are at the forefront of reshaping workplace wellbeing through practical, science-based approaches. Our dedication is evident in seamlessly integrating cutting-edge research into strategic planning, providing actionable solutions.

Our objective is to harness the transformative potential of employee wellbeing research, using it as a guide to navigate the ever-evolving workplace landscape. It not only sheds light on the current scenario but also shapes a future where wellbeing becomes integral to organisational success.

Collaborative Academic and Scientific Methodology

At The VIWELL Institute, our methodology thrives on robust collaboration with seasoned health researchers, as well as behavioural and social scientists. We establish partnerships with experts in organisational and occupational psychology, alongside health academics. By harnessing insights from primary research, we effectively translate wellbeing discoveries into actionable strategies. Our primary focus is on cultivating research that supports a meaningful wellbeing journey across the six wellness pillars.

The Outcome

Additionally, the outcome of our wellbeing research serves as a valuable tool for organisations, enabling them to assess their working environments and implement necessary adjustments. Through this process, we aim to contribute to a broader vision of individuals living in balance, attaining equilibrium not only within the workplace but also in their overall lives. Our overarching goal is to foster an environment where everyone can thrive in a state of harmonious wellbeing.

Our Approach

Our research is intended for empowering individuals to make informed lifestyle choices. We employ the Oxford Health Alliance model to evaluate the impact of lifestyle-related risks. Inspired by the collaborative efforts of public health professionals, researchers, academics, and corporations within the Oxford Health Alliance, this Institute aspires to address the global chronic disease epidemic by influencing behaviour across all societal levels. Through the application of this model in our research frameworks, our goal is to bring about substantial and measurable changes in lifestyle choices, thereby reducing instances of chronic illness and enhancing overall health.

Oxford Health Alliance 4-4-60 model



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Elevating employee performance through the power of sports

Harnessing the power of sports can be the game-changer for businesses aiming for success.  

From fun-filled company sports days and tournaments to regular coaching sessions or team-building exercises, VIWELL Active is here to make it happen seamlessly.  


  • Promotes holistic health  
  • Keeps them sharp 
  • Sparks motivation across the board  
  • Fosters camaraderie and morale 
  • Amps up performance and productivity 

Supporting inclusion and raising team spirit

Team building activities have the power to boost organisational trust, morale, and performance. 

VIWELL Active can help you create team building events that support inclusion and enhance motivation.  

By incorporating both senior management and employees, team building exercises help to heal interpersonal issues, enhance rapport, and boost performance and productivity. 


  • Aligns goals 
  • Raises moral and team spirit 
  • Increases problem solving capabilities 
  • Increases performance and productivity 

Activating brands with innovation and novelty

At VIWELL Active, we’re dedicated to offering a distinctive platform for your brand. Let us help you connect your brand with health and wellbeing, leveraging the dynamic realm of sports to activate your product or service! Whether it’s product debuts or bespoke sporting-themed brand engagements, our team is committed to uncovering fresh and imaginative avenues for audiences to interact with your brand or offering. 


  • Aligns goals 
  • Raises moral and team spirit 
  • Increases problem solving capabilities 
  • Increases performance and productivity 

Exciting, entertaining, and enriching team building activities

If you are planning an event for your team but not sure where to start, VIWELL Active has the expertise to bring your vision to life.  

Whether you want a team-building sports event, a brand activation, a charity fundraiser, or a custom-made gathering, we’re here to cater to your corporate needs and cultivate to an exceptional company culture. 


  • Increases performance and productivity 
  • Better communication 
  • Enhances motivation and morale 
  • Increases confidence 
  • Improves mental and physical health 
  • Identification of leadership qualities

Energise your team with one-day events

From fostering employee wellbeing to strengthening team dynamics, advancing corporate social responsibility initiatives, or amplifying brand presence, our one-day events offer a dynamic platform to achieve your objectives.  

These events are designed to invigorate your workforce, elevate brand visibility, and showcase your mission.  

Each event is crafted based on our extensive experience and the most sought-after requests, ensuring a seamless and impactful experience for your organisation. 


  • Increases performance and productivity 
  • Better communication 
  • Enhances motivation and morale 
  • Increases confidence 
  • Improves mental and physical health 
  • Identification of leadership qualities

Make your mark: corporate social responsibility made easy

Crafting a CSR program need not be daunting. Start small with simple yet impactful initiatives like creating dolls for refugee children or organising food distribution drives.  

But if you’re seeking an electrifying CSR event, look no further. Dial +971 4510 3402, and our experts will orchestrate a remarkable sustainability campaign for you. 

We’ll infuse creativity into your noble endeavors, blending team-building activities seamlessly into the mix, so participants can engage effortlessly in a cause with a profound social impact. 

Gather your team and kick off a journey to a better society, inspiring employees to be part of something greater than themselves. 


  • Perfect way to bring your employees together 
  • Turn your employees’ energy into positive impact 
  • Motivate employees with causes they believe in 
  • An incredible way to enjoy with colleagues while doing good for the planet 
  • Contribute to the happiness & wellbeing of our community & ourselves 
  • Bond with your team and make a real difference to nature