All-In-One Wellbeing Platform

Empowering employees to take charge of their wellbeing.

Your One-Stop Shop for a Healthier and Happier Workforce

Wellbeing Library

A wide variety of video, audio and textual content covering each of the six pillars of wellness by leading global health and wellness experts in both Arabic and English. The VIWELL Wellbeing Library is a rich and comprehensive source of the latest information and guidance to optimise wellbeing. All content in our library is original content produced at VIWELL Studios by leading experts in both Arabic and English and localised to meet the unique requirements of our regional markets.

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Fitness Videos

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Educational Videos

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Wellbeing Challenges

A wide range of challenges with valuable rewards to motivate employees and strengthening their team spirit.

It’s the perfect tool to create positive behavioural change, team cohesion and engagement through both company-wide and VIWELL global challenges.

Rewards & Benefits

Designed to motivate and support employees with their wellbeing journey and healthy lifestyle choices. Access a wide range of valuable discounts and deals with various health and wellbeing partners.

HR & Employee Dashboard

An easy-to-manage and centralised hub that consolidates individual challenges and customised milestones where employees can view trends and manage progress with privacy. For HR, a powerful business intelligence tool that allows HR to track, analyse and report on KPIs

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employees get access to a safe space to talk to a qualified professionals at the click of a button. This confidential and credible service is available in both English and Arabic for Employees and their direct family members to support them on their wellbeing journey and their personal challenges.

What Makes Our Wellbeing Platform the Best-In-Class?

All Areas of Wellbeing in One Library

Enjoy comprehensive information and insights across six pillars of wellbeing by leading health and wellbeing experts. Our original content library allows access to content customized to your needs, from any device, at any time in both English and Arabic.

Easy to Track and Measure

Reviewing progress made on your defined goals is easy with our real-time HR insight dashboard so you get meaningful behavioural data and insights that are aligned with the KPIs your HR has defined.

Localized to the Region’s Culture

VIWELL resources can be personalized to complement and fit your local culture, all while reflecting the diversity of interests and requirements of your workforce. Our content is carefully curated and prepared with sensitivity to specific individual needs.

Making Wellbeing Fun and Competitive

Additional motivation is provided through gamification and incentivisation with in-app rewards and benefits. Engagement is further enhanced through fun challenges that inspire friendly competition.

Integration With Wearable Devices

Intelligent data integration from personal tracking devices enhances the user’s individualized health and wellbeing journey for a more tailored experience.

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