Our Approach

At VIWELL, we take a preventive and whole person approach to create solutions that are personalized, engaging, and deeply rooted in science.

Achieving balance

We at VIWELL believe holistic wellness is a combination of six interdependent elements of wellbeing; what we refer to as the Six Pillars of Wellness: Physical Emotional, Nutritional, Financial, Professional, and Social. Why? Because we know these things are intrinsically interlinked.

It is our aim to help educate, motivate, and support people on their journey to become VIWELL (living their optimal balanced life).

Academic and Scientific Collaboration

Our strategies are based on solid collaboration with seasoned health researchers and behavioral and social scientists.

We partner with organizational and occupational psychologists and health academics and work together to conduct organizational assessments and analyze the effectiveness of the VIWELL platform.

Drawing on psychological research, we transform wellbeing findings into actionable strategies and create content that supports a sustainable wellbeing journey across the six wellness pillars.

Preventative Action

Empowering people to make better lifestyle choices is at the heart of VIWELL, and we utilize the Oxford Health Alliance model when considering the impact of risk from certain lifestyle choices.

The Oxford Health Alliance unites public health professionals, researchers, academics, and corporations to raise awareness of the worldwide epidemic of chronic disease and aims to change behaviors at every level of society. At VIWELL, we leverage the Oxford Health Alliance model to truly impact healthcare and facilitate more meaningful and measurable change in lifestyle choices thereby reducing instances of chronic illness and improving general health.

Oxford Health Alliance 4-4-60 model

Educate, Motivate and Support – the VIWELL Wellbeing Model


People often lack access to the information they need to enhance different aspects of wellness. VIWELL aims to increase awareness and knowledge by making the expertise of leaders in health and wellness easily accessible.

We understand that people absorb information in different ways such as in terms of content, form, and mode. That is why we provide a vast selection of original content delivered by top medical and wellbeing experts in multiple languages and inclusive formats including video, audio, and text.


Often, people lack the drive and commitment it takes to begin their wellbeing journey. We motivate people to action through gamification and challenges that inspire healthy competition and drive them to improve.

To drive effective behaviour change, we developed our app on the most credible research in the field and provide tools such as habit trackers, rewards, and incentives as extrinsic motivators and are proven to be effective in the early stages of habit formation.


Support is hugely important to begin and sustain a wellbeing journey and therefore a crucial component of our wellbeing model.

VIWELL offers ongoing support and guidance through expert consultations, virtual counseling across the six pillars of wellbeing, in-person workshops and events, discounted or complementary essential health services, and non-insured benefits.

Industry-Leading Wellbeing Experts

We work with a team of leading medical doctors, executive coaches, nutritionists, psychologists, and fitness and financial experts to develop content that will engage and educate. Our stringent selection criteria mean all VIWELL content is guided by the most respected and competent professionals in their field.

Enhanced Personalisation

Every person is unique and has their own individual wellbeing needs and goals. We take a high-tech and high-touch approach, focusing on personalised prevention which takes into consideration a person’s unique health profile and life circumstances. Embarking on a wellness journey with VIWELL means each individual will receive the best support and guidance in the areas of wellbeing they wish to develop.

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