Discover the Total People Wellbeing Platform

Let us help you take care of your people by putting in-person and technology driven health experiences at their fingertips.

How We Help

People are at the heart of any organization. That’s why we want to help you take care of your most important asset. VIWELL is a single solution wellbeing and employee engagement platform. We provide in person and technology-driven experiences, recognition and rewards programmes customised to your organisational needs.

Discover the Employee Wellbeing Platform

Explore rich content across six holistic wellbeing pillars and give your employees a chance to work with expert coaches for 1:1 personalised wellbeing planning.

Engage with Custom Team Events

Whether you need a team-building event, sports tournament, wellness seminar or CSR support, we craft unique experiences tailored to engage your employees.

Our Six Pillars

Wellbeing is about the whole person. That’s why we built our foundations across six pillars.



Keeping the body fit, strong, and agile is key to optimal wellbeing and general health. Our physical wellbeing experts provide the best guidance and information to help set and achieve fitness goals, whatever your chosen exercise or sport.



Good emotional health leads to more positive relationships, clarity of thinking, and better decision making. Our emotional and mental wellbeing experts equip you with the tools needed to better understand the self, to manage stress, and effectively address challenges.



Staying on top of bills and feeling confident in your financial future are critical to your wellbeing. We make money management more understandable and accessible, empowering your employees to make the best choices and get the most out of their finances.



The quality of your nutrition has a direct impact on your physique, performance, and brain function. Our doctors and nutritionists are here to educate and support better food choices that will nourish the body, maintain a healthy body weight, and reduce the risk of chronic conditions.



Feeling fulfilled at work is critical to wellbeing and overall life satisfaction. We guide employees to identify their areas of strength and opportunity, to align them to their ’why’ and release their full professional potential.



Sharing meaningful relationships with others is a keystone to personal wellbeing. Whether at home or at work, quality of relationships is linked to health, wellness, and productivity.

Why Plan for Wellbeing?

Workplace wellbeing doesn’t happen by accident. The last few years highlighted the need to take proactive action when it comes to taking care of employees.

The Value on Investment (VOI) for implementing wellbeing strategies is significant. Making wellbeing a strategic organisational priority ultimately creates a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce.

The VIWELL Benefits

Our Approach

Starting with a guided assessment, we measure your organisation’s health and wellbeing baseline metrics. We identify strengths and challenges and gather employee insights to help you understand where your organisation is currently at.
Tailored Report
Receive a comprehensive, data-derived insights report, outlining the key findings, and documenting the best approach aligned to your business strategy.
Moving to Action
Easy to implement, research-based actions that have been customised for your organisation’s unique requirements. Simple user adoption through an app based total employee wellbeing platform to support a robust company culture.
Measure Value on Investment
Review your progress based on the goals you defined at the start of the program.

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