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Enhancing your employee’s experience

We collaborate with you throughout every stage to enhance the wellbeing, engagement, and productivity of your employees. Our cutting-edge and easily accessible solutions are science based, engaging and crafted by leading industry professionals.


Utilizing a blend of online tools, interviews and health screening events to measure your existing Employee’s wellbeing baseline metrics and address unique organisation requirements for enhanced people strategy.

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Digital Wellbeing

Reward employees with access to our comprehensive Wellbeing Platform, featuring a vast content library, challenges, rewards, and EAP integration to support their wellness journey. Make informed decisions using data-rich dashboards.

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Events, Workshops,
and Seminars

We provide a diverse range of in-person and online events for employee engagement and wellbeing, including teambuilding activities, learning and development opportunities, CSR initiatives, sporting events, and wellness workshops.

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Wellbeing strategy support

With our evidence-based approach, tailored support, and commitment to delivering exceptional results, you can trust VIWELL to help you develop a wellbeing strategy that supports the long-term success and flourishing of your organization and its employees.

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Why Plan for Wellbeing?

With forward-thinking employers taking proactive measures when it comes to taking care of their employees, workplace health is no longer optional; it has become a business imperative.
The value on investment (VOI) for putting wellness measures into practice is substantial. A happier, healthier, and more effective workforce is ultimately the result of making wellness a strategic organizational goal.
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Number of Employees


Your estimated potential costs due to absenteeism, employee turnover and healthcare per year


Your total estimated potential savings with VIWELL per year

* Globally, employees take an average of 8 sick days per year. According to the WHO, organizations that invest in wellbeing should expect to see a 27% reduction in sick leave, a 26% reduction in healthcare costs over a few years. VIWELL have calculated a conservative annual figure by dividing the WHO indicator over 5 years.

Absence per 1 years 8,000
Lose from reduced absenteeism Now $1,538,461.00
Lose from reduced healthcare costs Now $2,500,000.00
Lose from reduced staff turnover Now $3,000,000.00

The exiquisite blend of Science and wellbeing expertise

Our well-being solutions are firmly based on scientific principles and have been meticulously constructed by industry leaders. This solid foundation of evidence-based research and expert design ensures credibility and reliability, ultimately resulting in superior outcomes for those seeking to enhance their overall health.
Our Scientific Approach