Eight Low Budget Team Building Activities to Try in Dubai

Regular team building is essential to maintain good working relationships within your team and facilitate the integration of newly recruited members.

Investing in these activities will naturally help your team become more cordial and understanding towards each other and enhance productivity.

However, team-building activities don’t need to be expensive. Low-budget team-building activities provide the same results and could be done within the budget allotted for these activities.

Assume you have a limited budget to carry out these activities. In that case, don’t worry because we’ve compiled a list of highly effective, low-cost team-building activities to try in Dubai that will significantly improve team performance regardless of team size or preferences.

So here we go…

Low Budget Team Building Activities

A successful team-building activity does not have to be costly. Numerous activities do not cost an arm and a leg.

  • Office Olympics
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Skating
  • Picnic at the park
  • Karaoke
  • Hike
  • Cookie decorating party
  • Volunteer activities

1. The office Olympics

Remember the good old-fashioned Olympic games you used to watch as a kid? Adapt the same idea to your workplace, organize an office Olympics, and even offer prizes if your budget allows.

Sports provide numerous advantages to your team members. It’s a great way to socialize while also getting some exercise. Stress reduction, improved mobility, motivation, and team performance are some other benefits of playing sports.

Engaging your team in sports such as badminton, cricket, football, and table tennis improves team building and friendly competition while also increasing brand loyalty and productivity.

We organize various sporting events at VIWELL, such as company sports days, coaching for weekly practice sections, and even building a sports team from the ground up. Similarly, we hold indoor and outdoor tournaments all year. And the best part is we offer pocket-friendly options for all our services.

2. Treasure hunt

A treasure hunt is a fun, challenging, low-budget team-building activity that creates an unrivaled shared sense of excitement.

First, form a team, devise a series of clues, and send your employees on a treasure hunt.

Include the following to make the treasure hunt more exciting for your teammates.

  • Include cues that lead to personal interaction so that even the shyest wallflowers can step out of their shell and interact with other group members.
  • Include clues revealing the team members’ unique talents to show their hidden superpowers.
  • Make use of a location outside of the workplace to encourage team members to interact with strangers and turn the outing into a networking event.

3. Roller skating

One of the many advantages of roller skating is the opportunity to get some fresh air. Roller skating burns as many calories as an hour at the gym and even improves cardiovascular fitness. Furthermore, it is a fitness practice that caters to all audiences––both children and adults––and is thus ideal for organizing as a family team-building event.

Organize a roller-skating party in a nearby park to enjoy the cooler winter months in Dubai. Include more options, such as hockey and cricket, so your team members can choose the most enjoyable activity. Furthermore, make some delicious hot chocolate for everyone if your budget allows.

4. Picnic at the park

Picnicking revolves around food, making new friends, relaxing, and enjoying green spaces with plenty of opportunities for physical activities. Your team members can catch up in a relaxed setting and enjoy a quiet day away from the stress and bustle of everyday life.

Barbeques are among Dubai’s most popular low-cost team-building activities during the cooler winter months. You can even make it a cook-off and see who can make the best hamburgers and hot dogs. It is also critical to provide vegetarian food options for your team members.

Similarly, you can reserve a large open space in a nearby park or field, set up picnic tables, serve your team members’ favorite sandwiches, salads, and chips, or turn it into a picnic potluck.

5. Karaoke

This hilarious team-building event fosters friendships, collaboration, and trust among team members in a fun and casual setting. Karaoke encourages friendly competition and confidence and allows everyone to let their guard down and shrug off their professional work attitudes for a while.

For the karaoke night, divide your staff into teams and ask them to choose their signature song. Contrarily, you can assign songs beforehand and ask your team members to prepare for their performance. (unique costumes included)

6. Hike

Hiking is an excellent team-building activity that also has numerous health benefits. This fitness activity reduces the risk of heart disease, improves blood pressure and blood sugar levels, increases bone density, strengthens muscles, and improves balance.

Similarly, hiking is a great low-cost activity that your team can enjoy wherever they want. All you’ll need for hiking is a map or a key to the area before you go. As team members step outside their comfort zone, they will naturally rely on others to help them progress. As a result, they grow stronger as a team.

7. Cookie decorating party

The main goal of this activity is to stretch your team members’ creative muscles while being fun and interactive. To begin with, select a theme for the party.

Arrange a large table with sprinkles, icing-filled piping bags, baked cookies, cookie cutters, and pretty sprinkles. Also, have some extra parchment papers laid out on a separate table to set the cookies on to dry.

Let your team members have a ball decorating their cookies. The participants will not only taste delicious cookies but have lots of beautiful memories and boxes of decorated cookies to take home.

8. Volunteering

According to psychological studies, volunteering helps people develop empathy and emotional intelligence, both of which are required in a team setting.

Volunteering as a team promotes togetherness, builds problem-solving skills, helps learn new skills, reduces stress, increases corporate social responsibility, and helps create beautiful memories.

For example, your team could volunteer locally by participating in a public space cleanup, hosting a one-of-a-kind workplace fundraiser, collecting and donating pet food, and organizing a charity team-building activity.

We have a plethora of volunteer opportunities at VIWELL, including community service, tree planting, charity runs, and many more. Some of our well-known CSR initiatives include the creation of dolls for refugee children and environmental sustainability initiatives.

If you’re looking for low-budget team-building activities for your employees, our VIWELL wellness experts are here to help. So, give us a call and watch our professionals work their magic.

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