How to find emotional balance 

You feel like you’re all over the place. I hear you, we all have those days. But if you’re finding you have more days on the emotional rollercoaster than not, it can be difficult to handle. 

Hopefully this blog will give you a few tips to turn those choppy waters into a cool, calm sea. 

Here’s how… 

Accept your feelings 

Having strong emotions can be challenging in the moment, but you can always find new strategies to learn how to contain yourself and choose your reactions as you’d like. Once you have reacted, accepting your emotions, and letting the waves of them wash over you is the best thing you can do. So, take a deep breath and allow yourself to feel the anger or fear or happiness, whatever it is you’re going through. 

Accepting the fact that you’re feeling a certain way, instead of fighting it, will allow the emotions to leave your body quicker. Try saying ‘I am angry’ when you feel that frustration bubbling up, and allowing yourself to be angry. 

If you fight your emotions, you will end up holding onto them for longer and maybe feeling a whole lot worse. 

Work out your triggers 

If you already know you are more reactive than normal, or you’re feeling stressed about something on a regular basis, then note down what is causing this. 

Understanding the reason behind your emotions is the first step to learning a different way of reacting. Or, if it’s something you’re doing every day that you don’t really HAVE to do, and there’s an alternative, surely it’s worth trying something different? For example, if you absolutely hate cleaning but you just haven’t wanted to spend the extra money on a cleaner, maybe noting the fact that it’s your main stressor will motivate you to go for it. 

Ask yourself what’s wrong 

If you find you’re struggling, then it’s worth reflecting back to yourself how you feel. You have the power to change your life. Asking yourself what’s wrong or what would improve your life, and what you can do about it can be surprisingly informative, and you might come up with an answer that you weren’t expecting, especially if it’s been a long time since you last checked in. 

Grab your emotional toolbox 

Depending on how you are feeling, whether it’s a mix of high emotions or one that keeps returning, having an emotional kit at the ready to help you can work wonders, if you remember to use it.  

Your toolkit can include: 

  • A 10-minute meditation on your phone 
  • A journal 
  • A sketch book or colouring book 
  • A body scan 
  • A private place where you can let all the energy out 
  • Arranging your desk neatly 
  • Self-soothing affirmations (‘I am safe, I am held, I am loved’) 
  • Keeping phrases and memories that make you smile nearby 
  • Listen to music 
  • Call a friend 

Get good sleep 

If you’re not getting a minimum of 7 hours’ sleep per night, then you’re probably finding everyday life hurdles more challenging than you need to. 

Try and set up a good sleep routine, turn off your screens an hour before bed, have a bedtime and stick to it, or nap during the day. 

Taking a moment to relax during the day can help you to fall into a deep relaxing sleep at night. If you’re really struggling to sleep, get help from an expert. 

Eat well 

Food can have a massive impact on the way you’re feeling, your hormone levels and how energetic you’re feeling. If you feel like food is a problem in your life and you’re jacking up on high sugar snacks, fizzy drinks, and little else, it is bound to affect your mood. 

Sugar highs and lows are unpleasant but easily fixed. You don’t have to make any radical changes, just try adding some mood-stablising foods to your diet each day, and watch your mood shift. 

Get support 

Whether it’s a close personal friend, a family member, or simply finding a listening ear, sometimes you just need to talk it out. 

It might seem odd to speak to a counsellor if you’re not used to it or think there’s nothing seriously wrong with your mental health, but even a few sessions can help you to clarify what you would like to improve or change in your life or give you a fresh, new perspective or way of thinking. 

You don’t have to deal with everything alone, reach out for help and get stronger in the process. 

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