5 Proven Strategies to Promote Workplace Wellbeing

workplace wellbeing

Think about the place where you spend a significant slice of your waking hours – the office space. And here’s the big question, when was the last time you actually felt good about being there? If you have to really think about it, then we’re onto something important. Is workplace wellbeing something you are familiar with?

Welcome to the big conversation about workplace wellbeing. It’s beyond having a fancy coffee machine or an occasional ‘bring your pet to work’ day (though those are pretty cool perks). It’s about feeling genuinely supported, both in and out of the office. It’s about not having to drag yourself to work on a Monday morning, and not just because it’s Monday.

Businesses are finally catching on that taking care of their teams goes way beyond a health plan. We’re seeing a surge in companies who get that looking after their employees’ wellbeing is a game-changer for morale, productivity, and, you guessed it, profits.

In this post, we’re diving into five tried-and-true strategies that make the workplace somewhere you can thrive, not just survive. So, pull up a chair, grab your favorite snack, and let’s break down how we can transform the daily grind into something… well, less grind-y.

Strategy 1: Cultivate a Culture of Recognition and Appreciation

When it comes to work, feeling valued isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s fuel for our self-esteem and the zest we bring to our job. Studies have shown that a pat on the back or a commendation in a team meeting can do wonders. We’re talking about serious ripple effects here—teams with high recognition cultures have lower turnover rates, skyrocketing job satisfaction, and they just generally crush it at work.

So, how do we make the most of this magic potion of recognition? It’s simple really. Here’s one for leaders: make acknowledgment a habit. Next Monday, instead of diving straight into the numbers at your team meeting, start with a shout-out to someone who killed it last week. It’s not just about top-down pats on the back. Peer-to-peer recognition programs can turn the whole gratitude thing into a daily practice, not just something saved for annual reviews. Tell team members to appreciate something another colleague did during the past week that made their work easier.

Strategy 2: Implement Flexible Work Arrangements

Let’s talk science for a second. Research has endorsed flexible work. Studies show that when people get to juggle their job around their life a bit—rather than the other way around—they’re less stressed, happier, and yeah, they get more done. Less time commuting means more time for everything else—family, hobbies, rest. Less stress about running errands or picking up the kids means more mental space for creativity and problem-solving at work.

But how can companies get on board the flexibility train? It’s all about trust and clear communication. It starts with leadership being open to shaking things up. Next, set some guidelines. What’s flexible in one job might not work in another. So, having a clear policy is key—it keeps everyone on the same page.

Then, it’s about the tools. Whether it’s project management software that keeps track of who’s doing what, or communication channels that don’t rely on everyone being in the same room, get the tech that makes flex work, work.

Strategy 3: Encourage Continuous Learning and Development

Alright, let’s talk about the spice of the workplace – continuous learning and development. You know that feeling when you’ve finally cracked something new, something challenging? It’s like a high-five to your brain. That’s what learning at work can feel like – it’s engaging, it’s empowering, and honestly, it can be fun.

Think about it. When a company actively pumps up its team to learn and grow, it’s not just investing in skills – it’s investing in the people themselves. And when people feel invested in, they don’t just work. They bring their hearts and hustle to the job. That’s engagement with a capital ‘E’.

But don’t just take our word for it. The stats speak for themselves. Companies that emphasize employee development see retention rates soar because, let’s face it, who wants to leave a place that’s making them better, smarter, and more capable? We’re talking numbers like a whopping 34% higher retention rate for companies with rich learning cultures.

By embedding continuous learning into your workplace’s DNA, you’re crafting a vibrant culture where stagnation is out, and growth is in. And a growing team is a thriving team – ready to innovate, tackle challenges head-on, and take the business to new heights. So let’s turn that workplace into a learning place and watch the magic happen.

Strategy 4: Foster a Supportive and Inclusive Environment

You know the feeling when you walk into a room and just instantly feel like you belong? Like you can be your true, unfiltered self? That’s what we’re aiming for in the workplace. It’s all about crafting a space where everyone feels part of the team, valued, and heard—regardless of their job title, background, or how they take their coffee.

Let’s look at the scoreboard. Data consistently shows that when people feel supported and included, they’re more likely to go above and beyond. It’s not rocket science; it’s just good old human nature. Feeling safe and accepted is the foundation for innovation and creativity. It’s what turns a bunch of individuals into a powerhouse team.

So, how do we roll out the welcome mat? Team-building activities are a great start. They’re like those group projects we had back in school but actually fun and useful. They get people collaborating in new ways, breaking down barriers, and sharing a few laughs along the way.

This is about taking a magnifying glass to your company culture and asking the tough questions. Are we as inclusive as we think we are? Where can we do better? This is where the magic of diversity really blooms—when everyone has a seat at the table, and all voices are not just heard but cherished.

Strategy 5: Promote Health and Wellness Programs

Moving on to the body—keeping it in shape isn’t just for fitness buffs or gym rats; it’s for everyone. Physical and nutritional wellbeing are the building blocks of not just a healthy body, but a sharp mind and resilient spirit. They’re the secret ingredients to showing up as our best selves, both in life and at work.

Wellness programs aren’t just a nice perk; they’re an expedient move. By encouraging health and fitness, companies see a dip in healthcare costs and a drop in the number of sick days taken. Healthy employees are happier, more engaged, and less likely to call in sick after a sniffle turns into a full-blown cold.

What do you think companies could do? Kick-start the day with onsite fitness classes—yoga, pilates, or high-energy Zumba to get the blood pumping. How about health screenings that keep everyone in check? Or nutrition workshops to empower smarter food choices (and maybe swap out the candy bars for some fruit and nuts). you should give these a shot.

Conclusion on Promoting Workplace Wellbeing

And there it is – our 5 proven strategies for promoting workplace wellbeing and turning the workplace into a well-oiled happiness machine. It’s about getting that sweet spot where everyone’s feeling good, doing great, and sticking around for the long haul.

This is what we are all about at VIWELL, but truth be told, this is not a one-man show; we cannot pull it off as one organisation. That’s where we need you. We could collaborate with your organisation to champion these practices in your own workplace. Are you ready to take the journey with us?

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