Choosing the Right Wellbeing Partner is Crucial

VIWELL energises workplace wellbeing, employee health, and organisational success. We provide holistic, innovative, and unique wellness, and engagement solutions to create a happier, healthier workforce and drive organisational productivity and profitability.

To ensure wellbeing becomes a pivotal part of company culture, employers must develop a better understanding of the gaps in their current offerings. VIWELL’s Strategic Solutions identify these gaps and take proactive steps to ensure the needs of employees are safeguarded.

Strategic Service Design

Wellbeing Programme Approach



Every organisation is unique, and every employee has their personal wellbeing requirements. This is why a fixed solution is not the best course for your wellbeing journey. You need a strategy that is tailored to suit your needs.

We begin by measuring your organisation’s health and wellbeing baseline metrics, identifying strengths and challenges, and developing a suitable wellbeing strategy to meet your exact goals. Our team calculates your organisation’s wellbeing baseline with our wellbeing audit conducted through the VIWELL platform.

Then we can provide a comprehensive data-driven wellbeing assessment of your organisation.

  • Wellbeing Audit
  • Evaluation
  • Strategy Design


You will receive a report outlining the key findings of our Organisation Wellbeing Audit. The executive team will also present this, outlining the suggested next steps. The strategy will then be developed and designed.


The findings of the VIWELL wellbeing audit enables us to design a comprehensive, customised, and research-based program for your organisation.

We know that every person is unique and strive to support individuality; collecting employee feedback empowers us to make better decisions to suit your company needs.

Following the measurement phase, our team of health experts will seamlessly implement the program into your organisation’s culture. Our professional services include aspects from VIWELL’s six pillars of wellbeing which are Physical, Mental, Nutritional, Professional, Social, and Financial.


We will re-evaluate the progress made from the initial recommendation to ensure they align with your company’s wellbeing vision. “Wellbeing performance” is measured by collating the different metrics organisations use to understand the success of their programs – your VIWELL score.

The data from the previous steps will enable us to decide how to monitor and measure the success of the initiatives against your organisation’s expectations. It will also identify any aspects that are not working as expected to allow for adjustment and ensure future improvement. Possible data sources include:

  • VIWELL digital platform health data and organisational metrics
  • Satisfaction or uptake of benefits
  • Employee survey and initiatives
  • Accident and HR records injury data
  • Feedback from champions
  • Exit interviews
  • VIWELL audit

Partnering with VIWELL will help you energise your organisational wellbeing with a customised, measurable programme attuned to your unique needs so you can enjoy the benefits of a healthier, happier workforce.

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