Ethical Principles

At VIWELL, we believe that trust is earned through total transparency, and our ethical principles underpin every aspect of our business. This approach filters through the organisation from its leadership; our Founder and CEO is also our Chief Ethics Champion.

Developing our ethics strategy, we understand that much remains unknown about the application of digital technology. Therefore, our approach to ethics and integrity will evolve as our knowledge of the power of technology does, and we are committed to this evolution and learning process.

When used responsibly and intelligently, we believe that technology can have a massively positive impact on our health and wellbeing.

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VIWELL’s Ethical Principles

The following ethical principles are the pillars of our ethics strategy and underpin all our activities at VIWELL.

Leading with inclusivity

  • We are inclusive and believe in treating everyone with respect, dignity, and fairness.
  • We reject all forms of discrimination and bias.

User autonomy

  • We give users total control over how their personal data is used and the information we can access.
  • We deploy the most cutting-edge expertise to ensure users maintain full control of choice, preferences and priorities whilst interacting with the platform.

Assuming full accountability

  • We assume full accountability in everything we do and hold annual audits to assess our ethics strategy and principles.

Total transparency

  • We are always transparent and explain our services in a clear and understandable way, providing clarifications wherever required.
  • We publish ethical approvals of our research and external audits of our work.

A conscious duty of care

  • We consider the capabilities, limitations, and implications of current and emerging technologies when they form part of our work.
  • Everything we do stems from a desire to help and support users to attain optimal health and Wellbeing.

The importance of privacy

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