The VIWELL Studio

The new 5000+ square feet studio is a two-story creative space based in the trendy art district of Al Quoz, Dubai. This is where the real magic happens.

The VIWELL studio is responsible for creating incredible learning, relaxation, and workout experiences that inspire people to take action.

The content produced here covers VIWELL’s six foundational pillars of wellbeing: Physical, Emotional, Financial, Nutritional, Professional, and Social.

Downstairs you will find four main areas. The educational space is a soft furnished smart-casual setup, where our expert contributors can sit comfortably. To get the heart rate up, and the body moving there’s the HIIT area, kitted out with kettlebells and boxing bags. A greener space that inspires a sense of calm is used for meditation, Pilates, and yoga videos, and finally, on the far side, is a rustic, red-bricked space dedicated to high energy content such as dance and cycling.

All angles are covered by top-range cinematography technology, including two Canon c 300 mark iii and a Canon R5 c, supported by an Aputure lighting set.

Leading all of this is our dedicated team of production experts, photographers, videographers, sound engineers, scriptwriters, directors, and producers.  

Upstairs the interior is modern, with glass walls and open-plan office space where the post-production team ensures the highest quality output.

The dedicated sound studio is equipped with Sennheiser technology, where the team produces a range of guided meditations, soundscapes, and sleep stories.

In addition to the quality and breadth of the content being produced, what makes the VIWELL studio so unique is that equal focus is being given to both English and Arabic speaking contributors. This is of great importance as we are building VIWELL to support the Middle Eastern market with native language content.

This comprehensive library of top-quality content, presented by some of the most prolific names in the GCC wellbeing space, will be accessible to subscribers of the VIWELL total wellbeing platform.

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