3 Ideas for Next Team Building Day

Ideas for Next Team Building Day: A stronger connection between an organization’s workforce creates a more engaged and committed team who can better deliver on the company’s vision.

Team building activities can foster communication, and connection and help your colleagues get to know each other better.

Corporate team activities often have fun and collaboration at the center and can create alignment around company objectives at the same time.

Struggling to know where to start? Here are 3 Ideas for Next Team Building Day.

Sports Tournament

Sports aren’t something everyone enjoys, but they can form an important part of any employee engagement or wellbeing plan. Not only does it get the adrenaline going and support colleagues to be more active, but it also requires people to work in a team towards a common goal whilst introducing a healthy sense of competition.

To keep it inclusive, consider providing a range of sporting activities to suit different fitness levels and interests. Particularly in the Middle East, it’s worth considering offering opportunities for men and women access to tournaments and facilities on separate days, as well as a chance to mix teams if they choose.

Wellbeing workshops

Want to take things at a slower pace? Workshops and seminars can cover every aspect of corporate wellbeing, with topics ranging from emotional support, finance management, and nutritional guidance through to workplace-specific topics.

The great thing about this type of activity is that it can be done in-person or remotely so that regardless of where your employees work, everyone can be included.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities

Corporate social responsibility is a strategic objective that looks at how companies measure and control their impact on society. Often, at a team level, leaders will look to find activities that align with company CSR goals. Often these relate to environmental and philanthropic responsibility and can translate into some fun yet thought-provoking activities.

In the GCC, some popular activities include food distribution initiatives during Ramadan, as well as charity runs, mangrove planting, and beach cleaning.

Studies show that any act of altruism — a selfless act for others — is connected to positive physical and mental effects, making these sorts of activities a great platform for your colleagues to bond.

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