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Realtime HR Dashboard & Employee Dashboard

Easily manage and customise your workplace wellness campaigns with our highly intuitive admin dashboard.

  • Gain insights with wellbeing reports
  • Develop your health and wellbeing strategy.

Create and Customise Contests and Challenges

Host exciting wellness contests with the flexibility to modify them and make things more challenging and engaging.

Broadcast Health Tips

Keep your employees up to date with the latest health and wellness trends through in-app notifications.

Real-time Insights and Reports

Get valuable insights into your wellness campaigns and live, anonymised employee health analysis to measure your wellbeing efforts and VOI.

How VIWELL builds workplace wellbeing, resilience, and happiness

Wellbeing Content

VIWELL’s health and wellbeing content library has information and insight covering all wellness pillars that your employees can access from any device, any time. Our global experts share up-to-the-minute insight and information covering everything from boosting physical fitness and overcoming mental health difficulties, to becoming more confident, upskilling professionally, and becoming more financially secure. Our content is delivered in many formats (Video, Audio, and Paper) in English and Arabic.

Rewards & Discounts

Improve the financial wellbeing of your employees with thousands of regional-specific discounts and benefits to save them money all year round.

Habit Builder

Engage your workforce in building and sustaining healthy habits and lifestyles to unlock their potential and build the best version of themselves by mastering their habits and encouraging daily progression.

Challenges & Gamification

Create positive behavioural change, team cohesion, and engagement through both company-wide and individual challenges.

Learning & Development

Engage your employees in a personalised learning experience to upskill and grow with educational resources from experts around the world.


Offer employees confidential support when they need it with an option to book health and wellbeing professionals from the comfort of their personal device, space, and privacy.

Push Notifications

Engage your employees with easy roll out and communication with employees through daily mood check-in, wellbeing reminders and notifications.

Physical Offerings


We also create and manage all aspects of in person events, either at your preferred location or elsewhere no matter where you are. We encourage engagement through specially curated Sports Days, Team Building activities, Employee Wellbeing Days, and bespoke events. Register for and/or create your own events directly through our platform.

CSR events, sporting activities, webinars, seminars, coaching days with experts.

Realtime HR Dashboard & Employee Dashboard
Create and Customize Contests and Challenges
Broadcast Health Tips
Realtime insights and Reports
Wellbeing Content
Rewards & Discounts
Habit Builder​
Challenges & Gamification
Learning & Development​
Push Notifications​
Physical Offerings​

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Be the first to learn when VIWELL app is launched.

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