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Employees get confidential access to customised, diverse, and inclusive services that address physical, emotional, nutritional, financial, social, and professional wellbeing as additional support for their wellness journey.

Rewards & Benefits

Designed to boost engagement and team unity, our rewards and benefits motivate employees while promoting healthy lifestyle choices.

Wellbeing Library

A wide variety of video, Audio and textual content covering each of the six pillars of wellness by leading global health and wellness experts, the VIWELL Wellbeing Library is a rich and comprehinsve source of the latest information and guidance to optimize wellbeing.

HR & Employee Dashboard

An easy-to-manage and centralised hub that consolidates individual challenges and customised milestones where employees can view trends and manage progress with privacy. For HR, a powerful business intelligence tool that allows HR to track, analyse and report on KPIs

What makes our Wellbeing Platform the best-in-class?

Integration With Wearable Devices

Intelligent data integration from personal tracking devices enhances the user’s individualized health and well-being journey for a more tailored experience.

Science-based solutions, designed by top industry experts

Dr. Hassan Alhariri
Medical Director of Sleep

Dr. Amer Helbaoui
Internal Medicine Expert

Dr. Kirin Hilliar

Dr Rafif Tayara
Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Wael Nasser
Pulmonary and Critical Medicine Consultant

Dr. Maha Osman
Family Medicine Consultant

Adam Zargar
Leadership Success Export

Jasmine Navarro
Family Wellbeing Expert

Svetlana Deshais
Financial Wellbeing Expert

Kaizer Soh

Nivine Hanach
Nutrition Export

Hajra Hussain
Positive Psychologist

Banan Bakkar
Wellbeing Expert

Lama Al Naeli
Nutrition Science Expert

Stephanie Karl
Clinical Nutritionist

Ziad Moghrabi
Career Wellbeing Expert

Engy Olama
Happiness Expert

Mitun De Sarkar
Clinical Dietitian

Nadine Aoun
Clinical Dietitian

Jehan Jaddini
Financial Wellbeing

Lionela Todirean
Life Coach

Zeina Maktabi
Functional Nutritionist

Garineh Serpekian
Health and Wellness Coach

Jihen Gatti
Mindset Executive Coach

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VIWELL Consulting Services

When further support is required, we provide specialised consultation services for HR and managers by leading wellbeing and health experts across the six pillars of wellbeing, customized to your exact requirements.

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Organisational Assessment

Because your organisation is unique, we provide an in-depth assessment to help us create a research-based plan that is customized to your needs and easy to implement, with a personalized end-user experience.

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