The Total People Wellbeing Platform

To be VIWELL means to be happy, healthy, and energized– to be living your optimal life. Our goal is to help everyone live to their greatest potential. This is what VIWELL wants to bring to the world.
Imagine a world where every employee has access to the knowledge, resources and tools they need to empower their best work life, every day. This is our vision at VIWELL. We believe holistic health is the right of every human being and we’ve created a way to make it accessible and sustainable for all.
VIWELL is a personalized, proactive, and engaging digital wellbeing platform focused on improving the performance of your people whilst delivering growth for your organisation through employee wellbeing.
VIWELL combines employee support, holistic wellbeing, recognition and rewards into a single online wellbeing solution that engages with 100% of your people.
By combining Nutritional, Social, Mental, Professional, Physical, and Financial Wellbeing, we build proactive and sustainable wellbeing within the workplace worldwide, resulting in maximum engagement with an organisation’s people.

We are your single hub with all the solutions, tools and support you need to put employee wellbeing at the centre of your business strategy. As we are a digital solution, we have global reach and can support organisations with multiple offices and locations.

We look at whole person balance and wellbeing and that’s why we have built our entire wellbeing solution around VI (6) pillars of wellbeing; after all, as people we’re multi-dimensional so that means our solution must be too.

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