Corporate Wellness Programs In Dubai – 10 Steps to Build Easily

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Corporate Wellness Programs in Dubai

Dubai is a global city and a popular business hub in the Middle East. With so many established companies and startups doing business here, it’s time to talk about the corporate wellness programs that Dubai companies have to offer for the wellbeing of their employees.

Employees spend a significant part of their time in the workplace. Hence, it’s vital to develop effective corporate wellness programs that link wellbeing goals with work-life balance and drive successful business outcomes.

Corporate wellness programs increase employee productivity, reduce stress levels, increase attendance, decrease healthcare costs, enhance communication and teamwork, and attract new talent.

If you’re curious to know more about corporate wellness programs and are eager to start one, this blog post will guide you through creating an effective wellness program.

What are corporate wellness programs?

Corporate wellness programs encourage and support a holistic approach to employee wellbeing that improves health outcomes while boosting employee engagement, increasing productivity, and optimizing human resource investments.

How do I start a corporate wellness program?

Here are ten steps that will guide you to start a corporate wellness program

Designing an employee wellness program increases the employees’ health, satisfaction, and productivity. It benefits the employers by lowering healthcare costs reducing worker compensation and disability-related expenses.

1. Get support from the Leadership management.

Start by getting support from the leadership of your company. Explain the employer benefits, employee benefits, and strategic goals in a presentation. Tailor your presentation to the company mission so the top leadership happily agrees to the wellness venture.

2. Conduct employee assessments

Focussing on the needs of the employees should be the foundation of the program. Conduct surveys and ask employees about their lifestyle and wellness habits. Some employees want specific fitness goals. Others just want to be more active. Get to the bottom of these needs to increase participation.

3. Form a corporate wellbeing committee

After obtaining all the information, it’s time to form a wellness committee. Choose members from diverse corporate levels and departments. Include human resources, executive team, IT department, and the general employees. This core team will help you plan and manage the employee wellness program.

4. Plan a budget for the Corporate Wellness program

Establishing a budget is essential for the successful running of the wellness program. Include the cost of incentives, program design, and marketing. For example, you must consider the program promotion costs, program incentive costs, wellness technology, fees of employee wellness vendors, and the cost of the time your staff takes on program planning.

5. Design wellness program components

The wellness program may range from simple to multi-prong programs. Based on the needs of the employees and the available budget, brainstorm with the wellness committee and systemize a few broad types of corporate wellness programs that may include the following.

  • Stress reduction programs
  • Weight loss exercise programs
  • Health screenings
  • Nutrition education
  • Behavioral health programs
  • Health risk assessments
  • Smoking cessation programs
  • Health club community building
  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction
  • Disease prevention
  • Education programs
  • Dietary Supplement

6. Decide upon the wellbeing program incentives.

Make wellness incorporated into your company culture by offering year-round wellness education. Offer ongoing incentives for employees who prioritize their health and wellbeing. Offer lower costs on employee health insurance premiums, have specific areas for employees to de-stress, host walking and running clubs, and, if possible, have a spot for fitness.

7. Partner with company wellness experts

A corporate wellness program requires the backing up of many wellness experts. Find out the wellness companies in your area that cater to your budget and the wellness program you want to offer.

For example, VIWELL empowers organizations by engaging their employees in corporate sporting events. They provide solutions to team building, corporate social responsibility, wellbeing, sustainability, and brand activation. When you partner with wellness vendors, they help you quickly achieve your desired goal.

8. Develop a written policy

Ensure employee wellness program guidelines and outline everything in the employee handbook before employees enroll in the program. Educate employees by putting up posters and distributing the policies among recruits and employees enrolling in the benefit plans.

9. Roll out the program

Communicating is essential in making the program a grand success. The best way to roll out the workplace wellbeing program is by conducting an onsite wellness fair for employees and their families.

Make this fair a popular event by including a wide variety of interests such as fitness, nutrition, and stress management. Successful marketing of the wellness program also includes the following measures:

  • Communicating the message through multiple avenues such as emails and presentations
  • Upper management participation
  • Repetition of the message
  • Communicating through anecdotal situations
  • Sustaining the program over several years
  • Keeping the program fresh with new information

10. Gather feedback

Collect the feedback from the employees, have discussions with the wellbeing committee, and brainstorm ideas required to keep the program attractive.

Collect positive stories from employees who are part of this wellness venture and highlight them. These positive testimonials will attract non-participants to the program and make it a roaring success among employees.

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